Andrew County Ministries

Volunteer Opportunities


The success of Andrew County Ministries depends upon volunteers who so generously offer their time and talents in the implementation of the various benevolent programs supported by ACM. Individuals or organizations seeking to serve Andrew County residents by engaging in volunteer opportunities associated with a specific ACM program are encouraged to reach out to the coordinator of that program. Contact information for the coordinator(s) of each ACM program is given below.

Food Security Programs

Food Pantry:  Brenda Barnes or Debi Cole (816-432-8245;

Backpack Buddies:  Pastor Terry Weaver (816-324-4226;

Senior Boxes:  Jeanne Rost (816-387-6588;

Clothes Closet

LaDonna Osborn (816-752-4435;

Emergency Utility Assistance

Pastor Terry Weaver or Brenda Barnes (816-408-0450)

Adopt-a-Family Christmas Assistance

Julie White (816-261-3008;

Pastor Terry Weaver (816-324-4226;

Nursing Home Ministries

Pastor Terry Weaver (816-324-4226;

Community Worship Services

Pastor Terry Weaver (816-324-4226;

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

Kathy Roach (816-324-5634;